The Shearing

A long time ago...
In salon far far away...
I realized...I spend a great deal of money on my hair!
So I started growing it... and growing it...
With a promised to donate it
Then I really got to liking long long hair.
Then Karma recently nudged me a little and reminded me of a few of things:
Be grateful
Be kind
Be joyful
Be giving
I like giving, I'm pretty good at it. So along with giving my body to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to ride 109 miles in 1 day this November, I decided to give my hair. Almost all 2 1/2 years worth:

All 16 inches will be off to Locks of Love on Saturday (need to let the shearings dry out)

I'll never be a scientist, I won't be communing with medically advanced aliens anytime soon, but I do what I can. This is my commitment (and my hair) to helping the cancer community, however I can.
I hope Latinatude isn't something found in hair because Lord help the poor child that gets these locks.


Much love!

109 miles + 12 hours + 1 bicycle + YOU = End of Leukemia!
Help me raise $5000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!
Donate BIG! Donate Often! =)