Time for catch up....


So I'm playing a little catch up here.
Let's see... what's new...
  • Oh, my mortgage company employs dimwitted twits with the IQ of a common dust bunny.
  • I'm in week three of training for the Team In Training Tour de Tucson event and I'm $250 into my fund raising - $3,950 to go
  • Need to buy a new car - have one pick out, but I'll share that when it happens
  • Saw, what I believe, is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen coming from the UK and I officially am quite enamored with on Mr. Simon Pegg
  • Jose and Gema bought a Honda - yes that's right, not just a foreign car for the Latino's but a Japanese one. Gema loves it but is afraid to drive it - it's a CRV, not a Tank.
  • Finally working on some fun projects at work - hoorah for moi.
  • Bought a new saddle for the bike last week and learned that the breaking in time is longer than expected. Let's just say my "girl" is a little uncomfortable at the moment.
  • The voice acting is going pretty well - so far the Batman Series is my fav - manly b/c my character is a bad ass cop with XX chromosomes, a smart ass retort and mad fire arm skills.
I have a few pics from the training rides - I'll post those soon.

Oh yeah, I learned that sometimes an oil change can just magically fix a car.