Oh, was that out loud?

Have you ever had that dream where you are back in school and you get to say all the things you wish you had but didn't because either you feared the wrath of nuns or you were only 10 and not that clever?
This weekend as the 50th anniversary celebration of my church and it's elementary school. It's a cute school and a nice parish and my parents "highly encouraged" me to go and represent.
A little back ground: I hated grade school, I hated catholic school, of my class of 40 student I only really liked 4 or 5 people. I was quiet and odd and picked on (not to mention puberty was oh so kind to me in the eighth grade). In retrospect, I was more afraid of speaking up than getting picked on.
The events:
At one of the festivities, I had a chance to see some old teachers who I loved and some classmates.
Ok, I'll admit, I was hoping all the pretty people where fat and all the mean people had suffered teasing of their own. AND I made sure I looked fab - fab shoes, fab suit and with all the cycling lately, my curvy curves are brilliant and my legs are buff. The event was at the school, which was so fun to see. I was so happy to connect with one person, who I remember being really spirited and sunny - her whole family is lovely.
I bumped into one of the boys who'd cut the end of my ponytail off (aboutan inch, but still).
Hi, you're Soandso, right? We were in the same class.
"Hmm, I'm barely remembering you"
you um...cut my hair in the fifth grade and sprinkled it on my desk.

"oh... OH... oh... damn"

yeah, it grew back so that's good

"oh... man... I'm so sorry, I guess I was dick back then"
yeah...so, how's the family?
We actually had a really nice chat and a good laugh about it.

At the big family picnic the next day, I saw a few more folks and I realized the difference between nature and nurture. Nurture - a human learns from around them and grows; Nature - born rotten.
For 4 particular women I went to school with: Nature.
Seriously, after all these years to behave that way still - very cold, very snobby. Not sure why but I was polite and being social and chatting within this group of women. I had a church freind with me (who did not attend school with us). During this volley back and forth of their lives and how they were talking about people, I figured ok, they haven't changed, get over it and then....

"Oh, you're not married? you don't have kids? wow, you're missing out. Well... you never seemed the type to be married with children, you know."
(b/c that is so determinable at age 12)

[the Maternal Four all a giggle]

[sweet voice, big grin] Wow, you know, you have not changed at all.
"oh, thank you!"

[said quietly] Yeah...you're still kind of rude and mean - you'd think motherhood would soften folks, but I guess not everyone.
"Well, I'm just saying you're not lucky enough to enjoy kids at our age"
Yeah...I guess I am missing out... I actually can't
have children so... I compensate with shopping benders at Tiffany's and trips to Latin America.... yeah... so, You look like you're about have another? That is so great! Boy or Girl?
Church Friend [trying to keep her laughter locked in]"No Kids, huh, well at least your boobs won't be droopy and your ass won't hit the back of your knees, right?... ooo Beer Truck is here"

good times, good times I was thrilled to reconnect with one person who i really did like - she's great, I'm looking forward to getting to know her again. It was good weekend. OH yeah, and it was my birthday yesterday and I rode 65.8 miles in 5.5 hours A good day indeed