Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!

ok, so my name is Margaret (no secret)
I would really like to know why, why WHY people call me Marcia
Yes, Marcia.
A lovely MENSA candidate from UBS ,who already lacks skills in follow up and spelling, has, in an email that is also addressed to my bosses, called me Marcia instead of Margaret:
it's in my email address - MARGARET
it's in my email signature - MARGARET
it's in the end of the Email - MARGARET

She's not the only one.
This summer, during the process of refinancing, the gem of an admin who was assigned to assist with my paperwork put my name on all the documentation... you guessed it- Marcia
Marcia Garcia
and if you read it with Spanish pronunciations, you'll see that is rhymes.
Mar - SEE - ah Gar - SEE - ah

The phone call:
"Why on earth would my parents do that to me? They didn't - as you can see from all the documentation, tax forms, affidavits - it's Margaret."
"well... I'm sure it's a common mistake"
"Oh it is, when people aren't paying attention or providing the customer service that should be provided."
ALL of my documentation has Marcia Garcia.

I went with another mortgage company