there are so many opinions and assumptions made within the public spectrum of a celebrity.  they're grade level, social status, visibility or lack there of, behavior/persona.

it's great when someone of celebrity i admire is as genuine as i believe them to be.

my nephews have been well schooled in the world star trek: from original through enterprise. they think its fun and revisiting the trek through their eyes if great, it is a new perspective that is really bright and fun.

one nephew in particular has created art and parleyed the subject of star trek into his school work. (looooooove it). these objects of kid fandom can be seen on display at the household family museum known at the frig. yesterday, a particular object d'art caught my eye: doodle of the captains of the enterprise and with them, wesley crusher. so of course my first thought was, "dude, i need to tweet this to wil wheaton!" nephew replied, "what's a tweet?" after the intro to the twitter, the nephew replied with "yeah, send it to him." this made nephew very happy.

all i hoped was that wil saw the doodle and liked.

four minutes later....a retweet and a reply from @wilw himself requesting a high res of the doodle.  a short tweet exchange and an email later and i find myself just wanting to hug wil wheaton.  wil could have blown it off, or just took a peak and moved on. nope. he cared enough about a fan to share the doodle and want a copy.  he cared enough to email back after we sent the photos. this made nephew very very happy.

genuine, kind and really just a great guy.

i love those little boys so much, i would give them everything if i had the wherewithal.  i want for them to only have good experiences and happiness and kindness. this brief experience with a celeb they think is cool, is more than i wished for and they're grinning and happy.

thanks, wil wheaton, stay classy