you wake up, make coffee, jump in the shower, pick out kit to wer. wallet? phone? ipad? directions? panel list? get more coffee. notebook, laundry. dog poo on the patio again? write note to neighbor, again. call insurance. Pack a snack? no, lunch. call mom. don't forget figs. where are your converse? recycling is full. did you get the notebook? phone charger? check pockets for random cash. CRICKET!!!! get vacuum. water plants. mirror glance. change tee shirt. grab timbuk bag. phone? wallet? ipad? keys, alarm. door. front step. LUNCH! keys, door, alarm, kitchen. ooh, one more coffee. grab lunch. keys, alarm, door, walk, wave at neighbor, unlock, door, sit, start car, look at clock: hmm... you're an hour earlier.

do over