Got the car inspected
Got pulled over 10 minutes later
"You have two stickers on you window, ma'am"
No, that's no pos--.... oh, well look at that
"You can't have 2 stickers on your window, ma'am"
Well I can, proof being on my window as we speak. Point being, I 'SHOULDN'T' have to stickers on my window
"Nor should you sass a [] County Police Officer, ma'am"
Point taken, I'll turn back have the guys scrap off the other one
"Do you have proof of inspection, ma'am?"
Yes,The sticker
AND the receipt, of course
(time passes like a kidney stone the size of a dime through the urethra of a 45 year old man)
"That's fine, you get that sticker off quickly, ma'am"
You got it, Officer Smiley (smiles at officer)



I was having a good day, a fun day.  It's been kind of 'blergy' with the weather and today was just spectacular. sat in the sun, read my book, had lunch with a pal.  gorgeous day.  though, being pulled over ignites a fear in me that is genetic (see Gazelle vs Saber Tooth Lion) or a Pavlovian response to cruiser lights, "oh crap, what did i do? what did i hit?"

to quell the fear shimmying through my skin, i was pleasant and was being light, trying not to revisit my cup of tea.  seemed an odd thing to be pulled over for, but i suspect there was an assumption that something was afoot.  the police have been under so much scrutiny and the bile issued toward them is 99% of the time unwarranted.

life has too many biley moments, too much weight and that's from society and from ourselves. we can work through all of that and not live in the acidity.  worked hard to be able to work throw them and move forward (you can't go back, unless you have a flux capacitor).  the officer must have had a bad day and my attempt at using humor to keep me from freaking out was not expected nor understood.