what is it about one's period that makes one dislike everything about one's body?  

I mean, I know what 'it' is, but it seems to be on those few days before, I can't hold my balance for yoga (so graceful), retaining 5 to 47 lbs of H2O (stupid hydration) and I spend a good two hours in the kitchen staring at open cabinet willing it to be full of good stuff (when did I buy canned olives and cream of tartar?) and so on - not in a stabby way, just a "uuuuuuuuuuggggh" way. 

tried to bike to work today: chain blew,again, after an hour of fixing it yesterday. was pleased it was not the links I fixed before. he'll get a new chain today, will ride it home. 
I will go for a light run at lunch to burn off the hormones (stupid hormones [shakes fist in the air]). Stupid biology, damn you, hormones. 

Pretty sure I lost a mixing bowl in my house.  Not really sure where or when but I feel like I'm missing one OR my brain is drunk on gonadotropin and imaged the phantom bowl.  though, I could use a new uber mixing bowl for pancakes, the no-skid ones are nice but the silicon gets all funky in the dish washer.

did i turn on the dishwasher this morning? 

where was I?  

quinoa! - prepped a batch for morning porridge. batch of lentils tonight.   I'm looking for more "batch" foods I can prep and keep in the fridge to avoid the "I could eat pancakes for dinner everyday!"  scenario I believe may have put me in the position I am in today.  Not the hormone position (I blame science for that), but the specimen of culinary diversity that is my figure. 

        organized chaos is the best description, not sure if I'll champion it, but I'll certainly make some of it my bitch

on days like this, it's a brain swirl of thoughts, ideas, mental notes, shopping lists, to-do items, how many square feet of gravel dust do I need, these shoes make me really tall, when is the next Hobbit out, i really like garlic it's just the best, need more corn starch - all this flotsam and jetsam bandying around my brain. 

challenge accepted, Biology, if that is your real name