after almost 11 years with this company, i'm part of a lay off at the end of July and i find myself still very willing to work hard until my last day.  i have enjoyed this company for many many years and work with amazing people and some thick people. i am also finding my filter for my truthiness is not always engaged now that i find myself in a land of nil consequences. 

Person: M, can you scan something for me
Me: not at the moment, nope
Person: well i need it quick is there another option
Me: yes, the canon copiers can scan
Person: i have no idea where those are
Me: in the copy rooms
Person: can't you do it?
Me: nope, busy at the mo
Person: how about later?
Me: nope

Action: Person stomped off

Action: after figuring out how to use the canon (by reading the instructions on the screen) 

Person: You could have helped me
Me: i know
Person: well
Me: i didn't want to
Person: why?
Me: i don't really like you. after 10 yrs of you barking at me, you've never been nice or said please or thank you to anyone - i just don't want to help you when you clearly have the smarts to figure out how to do it. you are empowered, you know.
Person: that's rude
Me: yeah well, what can you do?