being made redundant and my departure affords me a zero consequence space for some coworkers who are genetically selfish people. after 10+ years of working in the position I'm in, I can say that 99.99% of the folks there are very diplomatic but with a sprinkle of snark and sarcasm.

that being said, when I have a meeting that requires a meal, I plan accordingly, assess the number of people, number of Men v number of Women, New Yorkers or West coasters, US or Foreign - I order the menu and number of meals after my assessment.  THUS, I order enough for my meeting guests, plus 1 for myself.

in the last 10 Years here at this company, I have ordered many many meals and fending off the vultures and lurkers and self appointed food inspectors, moochers, fakers, cookie takers.  All of them with labels other than "My Guest for this Meeting"

every time I order, these people linger and I shoo them away, but they are diversions for the greater threat: The Executive Admin. 

"Oh, catering, for your meeting?"


"nice, from [catering company]?"


"you ordered enough for {MY VERY IMPORTANT BOSS] and [HIS NOT SO IMPORTANT FRIEND] right?"

are they in this meeting?


how long have you known me?

"10 years"

do you randomly order extra food for meeting in the chance I, someone not invited to the meeting, might want some lunch?

"of course not"

Then, given your question to me, what do you deduce, Watson?

"i don't understand"

think about it (then i didn't say another word)

"Oh.  well. "

previously, this topic had been broached and the other person still felt it not important to retain.  while i respect ones need to look out for ones people, this tact was truly not nice.

~ fin ~