buena or no buena

sometimes people say stuff to you that you take the wrong way and even if it wasn't intended to hurt you it does. when that happens i wonder why i'm so psycho. then i remember...it's hereditary! i come from a line of folks who like to make themselves crazy over stuff. it's just the way it is.
ok, now that that's done...i was totally loving buena girl on this week's mucha lucha. when asked to translate something..."...or something like that; my spanish isn't that good." when we all know of course her spanish is buena.
buena...i bought scrubs on dvd!!! i love that damn show.
no buena...i fell asleep watching it on friday night.
buena...dance recital tonight. it was fun. i love it.
no buena....that's probably my last recital with this group. i'm going to miss it a lot.
buena...my friends & family are the best.
no buena...i'm going to be sad without them in chicago...unless they come to visit a whole lot!!!
buena...despite getting sad and upset for no reason, this was a good weekend.