helter skelter

so, 6 weeks left to go for work as of this past monday. i had visions of skating. surfing the internet, talking to my friends, gossiping about work. then, monday i get into work...late for the 7:30 mtg as usual...and walk into someone coming out of the meeting. "hey, did you hear the annoucement?" so my boss was removed from his position on friday. my direct co-workers and i had no clue. it was pretty bad the way everything went down. now there's a new boss. i don't like change. isn't it enough that i'm packing up my whole life and leaving the state of virginia? not sure i like the new boss; he seems to be a closet bully. but the VP totally loves this guy, so it doesn't really matter what i think. thankfully, i only have 5 weeks starting next tuesday (i love holidays!!!). if i didn't need the money for rent, i'd probably walk.
thank god for dancing. this weekend is dance camp. 3 full days of dancing and music and glorious revelry in the woods. or something like that. not sure what to expect. i only know one of the instructors and i'm sure i'll know people when i get there - plus going with 2 of my halawah sisters. so, no matter what, it should be fun. just not looking forward to packing.
packing....i really hate packing. i like to take as little with me as possible when i travel. but dance camp - costumes, makeup, practice clothes...on and on. holy ghawazee batman! which leads to an even bigger dilemma...i'm a total packrat and i have to undertake a giant purging effort before packing to move to chicago. give me strength! and a couple of bossy friends who want to tell me what i don't need...
side note...if you noticed the contradiction that i like to pack light when i travel, but at home i'm a giant packrat - i say this to you: i'm entitled; i'm a gemini.