i keep on dancin'

i went to a new dance class tonight. after, i went out for a snack with the instructor (mezze in adams morgan - i've been wanting to check it out for a while - yummy). parked in the giant yuppy parking garage...fitting since i have my yuppy SUV (until i become a ward of the gov't...). the best part:
so, the car in front of me exiting the parking garage didn't have enough $$ to get out. guess what kind it was...a freaking mercedes. i think they were trying to talk the ticket-taker guy into letting them out. HA! he made them pull over and put a cone behind their car. it was two young american-asian girls; very cute, but not cute enough! bonus...i think he was supposed to charge me $10, but he charged me $5 - probably because i was nice & patient...
the worst part:
why do you always meet fun people you click with when you're about to undertake a huge life transition and won't be able get to know them. i think i have that senior-itis problem where you have to have one last meaningful thing (usually a hook-up) before you move on.
anyway...i read the "sisterhood of the travelling pants" book the other day and i'm all sappy...'night.