this one time at dance camp...

this summer has started off with a bang. i just got back from dance camp. it's hosted by folk tours and organized by artemis (she's amazing!!!), a dance guru based in the d.c. area. my two halawah sisters made it up on friday night, and i got there saturday morning. i finally learned some dabke steps. it's a lebanese line dance that i should have picked up at some point in my life, but somehow managed to remain inept at line dancing. the dabke that was taught was palestinian style. soooo much fun. and so much work! i was exhausted. i haven't gotten that crazy of a workout since my biking days.
i overheard someone say something about how we all turn into goofy kids when we're at camp. it's so true. hmm...and another thing i overheard - "women are more flexible than men because they're muscles aren't as well developed as men's." um, i don't know about you, but i've seen some women who were more muscular than most of the men i know. not in the steriod-lost-their-femininty type of way either. plus, i think every woman who spent 5 hours in one day dancing has a significant amount of muscular development in at least the leg region. people say stupid things sometimes.
anyway...back to being a was so much fun. there were some amazing teachers. and! i met two dancers from chicago. i was so excited! it's my first contact with people who are going to be in my new town. they dance and teach at the studio i was checking into, so now i have a better connection to the chicago dance scene.
overall, a great weekend. i can't wait for next year. i have to start putting $5/week into my savings account now!