best birthday ever!

saturday was my 30th birthday. it was awesome.
my dad and bonnie came up on friday night. we met for dinner after my dance practice. lebanese taverna...i love that place. there are 3 in the area - 1 in dc and 2 in va. i especially love the one on washington blvd. we went there. i had basically decided that my diet was on hiatus at the beginning of the week, so i totally went for the fried cheese pies...yummy.
but that's not the best part. we got back to my place after dinner. i was totally trying to get them to go back to their hotel so i could clean like a crazy person. my apartment is quite messy right now. well little did i know it was about to get messier...
dad was being all weird. on the phone and at one point opening the door to my apartment. um, dad, what are you doing??? i thought i heard something in the hallway. sit down you wierdo! about a minute after dad opened and closed the door, the door opened again. in walked my sister-in-law, brother, and baby. it was a total surprise! they came up from florida to surprise me for my birthday.
my birthday morning was spent snuggling on the couch with my niece. she is so damn cute it hurts! she turned 3 months old on my birthday, so we talked about birthday plans and what kind of presents she wanted from her aunty missa. she's so alert and so sweet!
i had to leave to go to a rehearsal for a dance performance we were doing on sunday. ok...totally amazing opportunity. at first i was wishing i had bailed because it was my birthday weekend and the show was in loudon. so, it's really not as far away as you would think. but the show was in a really nice theater with a great stage. and the organizer/teacher is a friend of our teacher's and totally cool. the actual show was sunday and it was great. we're supposed to get a dvd of the show. i can't wait!
back to saturday...i got home and we got ready to head out to the party. linda had her bath earlier, so she was ready to go when i got home. the four of us scooted on over to rock bottom for the birthday luncheon. by the way, they did a really great job with everything.
my friends are awesome. i had some people show up that i hadn't see for months. it was great. except for the fact that my friends seem to divide into groups...we had the family table, the dance table, the work table, and the people that i picked up in a bar table. some mingling occurred after people got some grub and beer in their bellies, but it was totally amusing for me.
saturday evening was spent watching saved at my place with robyn. then heading over the c&r's for wine and watching scrubs. i think my friend adam is slightly crazy. carol, raven, and i started watching scrubs when i got there. we also started drinking some wine. i think i got 6 phone calls from adam in 20 minutes. he has been to their place before, but forgot how to get there. dear lord, please understand that, while adam is a dear friend, interrupting scrubs is a heinous offense. luckily it was the dvd, so we could pause it.
michael and adrienne and the baby got there just before adam, so we all hung out and laughed and were silly.
and that was the end of my birthday day. sunday i got more baby snuggly time with linda and we went to brunch, then the family was off on their way home and i went to the show. and then to the pool with c&r.
so, in summary, the best birthday ever.