f'n thunderstorm!

ergh!!! so it's not even 1 am and i haven't been asleep for more than 3 hours. and now i'm wide awake. i just had to run around my apartment and close all the windows. ok, so it's only a total of about 5 windows and my apartment isn't THAT big. but still. i'm out of bed and now i'm awake because it's too hot. i turned my window unit ac on for the first time this year; now i'm just waiting for it to cool off. i'm going to be such a brat when i have to get up for work! i even had a glass of wine with dinner, so i was good and sleepy before i went to bed.
i used to be totally fascinated and awed by thunderstorms. tonight, i am supremely annoyed. don't be screwing with my sleep getting!!!!