practice makes crazy

dance practice tonight. it was good, but long and tiring. we have a show on sunday. my 3rd with this group. it's very strange for me to be in recitals this summer when i know it's my last for some time. i'm going to miss my dance community so much. luckily i have a jumpstart for starting over in chicago. i'm trying to keep in contact with the girls i met memorial day weekend. i'm very fortunate with the dancing. i have had some amazing instructors. i'm going to miss especially bonita - my dance mama - and faten - my favorite egyptian. these ladies have been such amazing inspirations for me. they pour themselves into their creations. i've been honored to dance in their recitals and just to be their student.
the show this weekend includes some pieces with live music. it's always stressful because we don't have regular practices with the band. but the group feels really tight this year. i think it's giong to be right on with the musicians.
i'm doing a solo this year; hopefully i won't look too out of place. there's some fabulous performers on the schedule.
ahh...wish me luck.