hee hee...waiting for maggi to call to tell me she made it safely on to the metro so i don't have to go out in my pj's. not that i would care at this point. if i did have to go pick up miss maggi from the metro, i wouldn't be taking her to vienna, that's for sure. we had beers. and horny monkeys. a mini drinkfest in honor of getting your feelings hurt for no good reason and to celebrate the first day of summer. which also had a full moon i believe. is it always like that? it was kind of cool. i had too many beers. i have the warm fuzzy feeling in my limbs. haven't been indulging much lately, so i'm unfamiliar with the feeling.
maggi, carol, raven, and adam, i think they are the best. i am going to miss them so much. it's very strange for me to think about not being able to call them and just hang out. i'm not sure i'm ready for it. tonight was good. we got a lot of making fun of each other in. expecially the boys...talking about their matching shoes. i even laughed out loud driving home thinking about it. they are silly.
i'm hoping for at least some good drunk phone calls once i'm in chicago. maybe even a visit...