so, i mentioned in a previous blog that i would have to tell you about my new friend alexis. she is so cool. i think she's like 24 or 25. i love this girl. she is such a bad-ass dancing queen. you can check out her website ( i met her in dance class and we just hit it off. i love meeting people and i love when you have that instant click where you know that you were meant to be friends. she's got a heart of gold and a drive like nobody's business. but i think what impresses me the most is her openness. she's going through a lot right now; partly i think it's the point she is in her life. why is that age so painful? she in the transition now from student dancer to activist and teacher. she's making great strides in creating a community - which in this area for a belly dancer can be difficult. there's so much negative energy that you have to weed through in getting the goodness out of this. which is something that is so confusing for me. dance is supposed to be about joy, right? how can you bring joy and give joy to others if you're negative? alexis is awesome. if you're into dance and in the dc area, you should definitely check this girl out. she's the real deal.