i have the chair!

in a major coup, i have finally gain ownership of the beloved chair. yesterday i was supposed to be going to vb to see dad and pick up his futon for my new studio apartment (aka - melissa's chicago couch and coffee). he called me on wednesday and said, "i guess you don't have room for THE CHAIR, so i'm not sure what to do with it" "I'LL TAKE THE CHAIR" "are you sure you can fit it with the futon?" "CHAIR YES, FUTON NO".

let me explain...this is the COOLEST chair in the world. my parents got this chair back before they had me, and i think before they had the original center of the zarniverse (3.5 yrs older than me) along with a 7-ft tuxedo sofa. it was blue and green swirly crazy 70's print. unfortunately they decided to get "nice" furniture at some point, so the couch had to go, but not the chair. the chair got to be re-upholstered in beige-on-dark-beige check print.

the chair spent some time with the brotherman until he decided he didn't have room in his bedroom for it. then, it spent some time with the flea. then it spent some time in the den (as charlie's favorite seat - 50 lbs of black mutt curled up on the chair was a great site!). during it's time in the den, many sat in the chair and loved the chair. after charlie passed, the brotherman brought home mischka.

mischka was about 5 lbs when he came home. his favorite game was to run full tilt under the chair. then he started to grow (about 5 lbs/week). it didnt' take long until running full tilt at the chair resulted in smashed head or stuck under the chair.

the chair retained it's place of prominence after mom passed and even after dad moved. but it was always a source of contention from the day it moved from the brotherman's room "i'm getting the chair when i move out." "you gave up the chair, it is mine." the battle has raged for almost 10-years.

how could i POSSIBLY say no to the chair???? victory is mine, miNE, MINE!!!!

(pictures will be posted of the chair)