i'm sorry, what?

Today, 3 people all said the same thing to me: You should date and meet someone and make babies

I beg your pardon?
I'm cool with just me.

My dear friend is marvoulously in love, so now she's after me to start dating
I said, Why is it not ok that I'm happy by myself, it that wrong?
She said, yes, you should be with someone, start dating
I should start DATING,
I thought,
all this time,
everyone has been telling me to start RATING,
which is why I'm so critical with I go out with men
He's a 2
He was 7
He's more of a 4.5 who thinks he's a 9.5, which really makes him a 3.87

Another dear friend, we'll call him Ceasar, whom I hold dear to my heart and gladly accept his wisdom, and I chatted about this just this evening.....
Ceasar : fuck people telling you to date
ever so eloquent
Ceasar : you know what happened to me today?
Ceasar : my mom
Ceasar : IMs me
Ceasar : she just got back form a massage
Ceasar : and thinks
Ceasar : hey, I should hook up my massuese (in NC) with Ceasar
Ceasar : so she gets the womans e-mail addy
Ceasar : and makes me promise to write her
SIEIRO : NO! that's me
Ceasar : WTF?
Ceasar : the woman is almost 40 and has 2 kids