surprise! the good, the bad, and the ugly

so, tonight i was supposed to meet up with my halawah sisters to "watch a movie". they are sneaky! it was a surprise dinner gathering with dancing afterwards. my favorite dancing girls and the boys they are attached to. it was great. dinner and dessert and a fabulous middle eastern restaurant. great conversation. yummy food and wine. balloons! dancing plans.

and then it wasn't great. ex-boyfriends need to learn the following rules:
1) you don't exist to me. you never existed.
2) if you show up somewhere that i am, do not expect me to talk to you let alone be nice.
3) you are not allowed to look good.
4) your life is crap without me, so should you ever be seen in my presence, you should express your misery, not try to flirt with me.
5) do not give me puppy-dog eyes when trying to win my favor.

however, the good to come of that is that i finally had some closure and got to tell him a few choice words. and with the move, i probably won't have to run into him again. ever.

other than the shock of the ex-boyfriend meeting, it was quite a pleasant evening. i think i have the most wonderful friends anyone can have! i am going to be so sad to leave them. i hope they all come to visit soon. everyone keeps telling me how cool chicago is; they need to come hang out! i will post tempting pictures of my view of the lake!