it's official:


so the next few weeks are to be dedicated to organizing my life and preparing for the move. the first step of the process occurred tonight when beth and i went to see khaled in concert. OH MY! it was a fabulous show. musically as well as for people watching. i lost count of how many people jumped up on stage to hug and kiss khaled. he was great though. he bounced around dancing and laughing when he wasn't singing. and even played the piano at one point. he's awesome!!! and sweaty. he changed shirts 3 times during the show and then again to sign autographs. beth and i waited to get some stuff signed. it was cool. it took a really long time, but now i have a cheb i sabbah autograph for alexis and a signed print of khaled i think i'll give to bonita. the coup almost was...beth spied a VIP pass on the ground in front of us and snatched it. i almost got khaled to sign it for us, but he thought the marker would rub off. that's how i ended up with the print. he totally cracked up when i handed him the pass. we didn't use it for evil. we promise!

now i am sleepy. it's been a very eventful day.