yes, i am the most sheltered person in the universe

so, i'm not working now. which means, i don't have to EVER be exposed to the news if i don't want to. and mostly, i really don't want to. i woke up late (9:30) with the intention of finishing my "bedroom organization project" (loosely translated - put away your friggin' clothes!). and i was supposed to be meeting a friend for lunch at 11:30. as with most mornings, i checked my email, trying desperately to avoid reading any of the headlines on yahoo. london bombing, blah, blah, blah. i try to avoid reading any headlines when logging in to yahoo mainly because it is about 90% of the time about someone or several someones being blown up. i tried to call my friend to make sure lunch was still on, but for some reason, my cellphone wasn't working. well, i'm a dumbass! of course it wouldn't work. not when i live right next to a huge army base and under a flight path for the airport. not when horrible things are happening in the world. i didn't even realize what actually happened until i finally got out of my apartment and was forcibly fed the news with lunch. i cannot believe that after all the pain and suffering that we put each other through that shit like this continues to happen. it is still beyond me to kill for the sake of proving your point. how exactly does that prove anything except that you know how to put explosive stuff in a package and detonate it? how does blowing up things prove that you care about your cause? how does it even indicate that you have a cause? and don't you remember, we fight back. this attack will do nothing but piss off a whole slew of folks who are coming back at you. why? why? why?

please let me go back to being sheltered from the news and having not a clue as to the goings on of the outside world!