holy crap it's wednesday!

yeah, wednesday. can you believe it? today is the mid-point of my first week of classes. so far, so good.

during orientation, i was elected the student note-taker coordinator for the first year class. it was really a grueling election, as i was the only nominee. so, part of my first week is trying to make sure i know what everyone (of my note-takers) needs to know before they think to ask me. ah...it's almost like being back at work and dealing with my boss.

we have had optics, anatomy, sensory aspects of vision, and biochem so far. today is physiology and pathology, more sensory, and optometric procedures. how cool is that? i'm totally psyched for today.

in other news...i went to a dance workshop this weekend. it was fun. i got to dance to live music. i turn into a total spaz with live music. i kept hopping and bopping around waiting for the "slow part" that never showed up. i can't wait to see the video so i can see what it really looked like. the good news is that i decided to take some classes at this studio. so i (at least for the mean time) have a new dance home. which means that i actually stand a chance of maintaining my sanity this quarter!

i still don't have computer access at my apartment, but i think i'm just going to break down and get it. i can't stand not being able to just check the internet when i feel like it. i'm a total junkie!

oh well...i miss you guys. when are you coming to chicago???