if you can't trust the government, who can you trust?

ok, that's one of my all-time favorite movie quotes...thank you, mr. serious. it came into my head when i was driving to chicago. right now, i'm not sure who i'd trust. well, i guess i should trust my dad since he helped me move all my crap out here. and maybe the nice security guard at my school who hooked me up with a "hall pass" on friday.

interesting events since moving in. well, the highlight is probably getting stopped on the street walking from the library to school and getting asked out by a random stranger. so as not to seem too creepy, he did point out that he was driving his mom and her boyfriend somewhere as a favor. i seriously doubt i'll call, but it was sweet of him to offer. and admittedly, probably the first time in about 14 months since anyone's asked me out. (ex-boyfriends trying to hook up with me don't count).

this morning i went to millenium park for exercise in the park. i tried Zumba! which is like latin dancing in an aerobics format. i'm going to hurt in a few hours. i may even have to go to bed early. it was fun, and i might try it again, but my back was already sore from moving, so it probably wasn't the best idea. dammit, i love commas!

millenium park is awesome. if you come to visit, i will take you there. then we can walk down to roosevelt and go to the huge-ass target. and then, we'll hit the white castle on the corner of the shopping center by my apt for a snackity-snack.

ok...trying not to make this too long. more later. maybe even photos. if it ever stops raining!