chicago in the fall

it's freakin' chilly. today, mid-day, it was 48 degrees. last week it was 90. i hate when the weather changes that quickly. i still don't have an official "winter" coat. i was at target today and saw an adorable red coat with a faux fur collar. it would have looked fabulous on me, however...only in small. damn!!!! is trudging along. monday we have the mother of all physiology tests. it's on about 1/3 extra material than the other 2 tests, so it's going to be a bitch. wish me luck. i need to pull up my grade a whole lot in that class. currently in the "c" range. while lovely when sung by a soprano, not so cool when you're trying to do well in school. i'll be studying tonight and tomorrow like mad.

so, since i've been in chicago, i've gotten pretty good at going to mass. last night i went to eucharistic adoration. i cried like a baby. lovely. but, i miss you guys so much and i miss my mom, and i need the feeling of home. the organizer said at the beginning that you were supposed to think about and thank him for the sacrifices he made. i was thankful for the church i found because they make me feel like family already and i've only been there about 2 months.

anyway...not to get all religious on the blog, i just wanted to share. i can't wait til next weekend...maggi is coming to visit!!!! i'm checking into cool site-seeing things that wouldn't be too ass-cold.

ooh...and another thing...what is this crap about george bush outlawing daylight savings time?