one quarter (almost) down and 15 more to go. plus boards and externships and possibly a residency. hmm...they say when you're done it's supposed to seem like it flew by. ok, sure.

anyway...if you didn't notice...the white sox swept the world series. i almost wouldn't have known except that my friend from church who apparently noticed i don't pay attention texted (word?) me that they won. chicago is a happy town.

in other news: my laptop is patiently waiting to return to the mothership. there was an unfortunate incident earlier this week. sad really. i was hoping she'd be available to help me study for finals, but i guess she just need a break. hopefully my hard drive isn't totally fried. mainly just for the fact that i hadn't gotten around to backing up my music files...dumb!

and - my brother called (tuesday?) to say that they were fine. the conversation was "hi" "hi" "everyone's fine" "that's good" "just called to tell you everyone's fine, go study" "ok". it was like a breakthrough for both of us. usually we have to gab, gab, gab until one of us annoys the other before we can hang up. quite possibly the shortest zarn-to-zarn conversation in the history of the universe. to try to study.