breakity break break break

so, today is the last day of my thanksgiving break. it was a good one. i got some things accomplished which made me happy and gave the illusion of productivity. i spent some time with my buddy stacy who is cool. i got to work at a vision screening which was cool. dad and bonnie came through on wednesday with big news. they are getting hitched on 8 april. thursday i got to volunteer at the church for the dinner for seniors and clients of the food pantry. it was cool. there were some really nice people that i got to meet. it was big for the church because the governer came (along with news and security and entourage). so my church ( got some great publicity thanks to the chicago food depository. i had dinner with a few classmates at one of our professor's home. we got to play with her 2 1/2 year old daughter. kids crack me up! friday i (gasp) organized my apartment. i'm almost done. really, i swear. then dad and bonnie came back on saturday and we hung out & went to dinner with some of my school friends. it was pretty fun. i'm waiting for the photographic evidence., i know that may have been kind of boring writing, but i'm tired and hungry, so that's all you get.