OOOOOOo scaaarey fire...
...and our friends have new suits...

...and new facial hair

Oh my, what a suit! Dude where did you get that suit?

Adam is only going to tell us one more time - his mommy made it

Ward likes Adams suit but his is slime proof Tyvek

"But Ward, did you not see may fabulous shoes?"
(that his mommy made for him)
"Adam, that's some mighty fine foot wear..."

"... but look at what I can do!"

Ward's Egyptologist Yalie Hairy Caveman
Raven may require some dental work

Raven shares a photo op. I'm Twister the Movie

Get it? Twister...
farm equipement and animals glued to my chest... never mind
Yeah, we get it =)

I don't think we've had enough to drink, do you?

Hmmmm? have we?

Nope, let's get some more

Michelle doesn't think this is enough to do the trick

I have been a wee tardy with post Halloween pictures - sorry!