New Verb - Shiver

Carol, Michele and I try to leave for Chicago to visit Melly Mel. Due to some interesting weather in the Greater Chicagoland Area, we were canceled. Oh joy - We were cool - we had a place to stay and apparently we were the only nice people in line at the United Counter. I think our jocularity and good spirits helped our United Shiney Headed Guy work harder to help us, which we higly approved of. "Screw them" we giggled of the mean folks. =)
As follows, a wee pictorial of our adventure

Friday =)
are we there yet? Mind you at this point we've been trying to get to Chicago for 24 hours and there was NOTHING to eat and the 15 minute cab ride was an hour. Poor Michele, Me and Carol

Can we eat yet? - Poor Michele

From 2707

Interesting Illumination

Saturday =)
Preparing to go outside - This was not the weather of my people

Hey, a robot, he's being all flurty

Hey, a robot makers fanny, now I'm being flurty

The ZarnChiCago chapter of MENSA meeting will now begin. President Girl Next Door, VP Surly and Secretary Queen of the EYE Ball

The Water Tower - a ghost lives there, right in front of a mall, so that's good realestate for him

Cab ride home

Sunday =)
Viewing of the bean - Carol and Michele

We're in the bean - Carol, Michelle and Me

Ah... Hey Carol, look at the skaters..

Yeah Michele, they're ass cold like we are

skaters in the bean - you can just make us out in the bean too, 3 little spots

waiting..... Carol & Michelle

Amazing Grace

From the L

The sign is so right

Home from 8F